A sampling of some of the presentations:

  • Project Presentations: Teachers who are implementing quality projects in their NC classrooms will share the project, its correlation to the NC SCOS, and student work
      • EAST END CONNECTOR PROJECT: This presentation is of an ecology project for students in honors biology. It covers the majority of the concepts on the standard course of study relating to ecology. This is an inquiry based project, that requires students to call stakeholders in the community, write reflections and persuasive essays, apply the content and rely on their own experiences to write an Environmental Impact Report to be presented to stakeholders approving this construction project.
      • MARTIAN LANDER PROJECT:  By designing a descent engine for a Mars-bound space-craft, high school physics students learn about Newton’s Laws and their connection to motion.  The project also has several interdisciplinary strands, including the chemistry of rocket engines, the physiology of space flight, and even the political implications of space travel.
      • CASINO PROJECT:  A Casino project that can be used for Advanced Functions of Discrete Math that can be used as a “community night/fundraiser.”
  • PBL Workshops: Teachers and Ed Specialists will present on tools that make using PBL easier.  Example: A session on how to plan a project or how to create strong group collaboration during a project
      • PROBLEM BASED MATH:  Participants will experience a PBL approach to problem based math and have the opportunity to discuss how they might approach math this way in their classrooms.
      • INVENTEAMS AND GRANT WRITING AS PROJECTS: Presentation on an invention team working on a residential green roof and turning grant writing for schools into student projects.
      • NETWORKING AND CRITICAL FRIENDS SESSIONS:  Work with other science/math teachers to discuss project ideas and vet them in a supportive environment.
  • Information Sessions: We anticipate various NC Educational Organizations presenting their work and how teachers may get involved with them.
      • KENAN FELLOWS PROGRAM:  The Kenan Fellows Program taps the wealth of professional expertise in North Carolina’s university and private sector research facilities. The program enriches teachers’ knowledge and promotes innovation and creativity by supporting collaboration between K-12 public school teachers and professionals in rapidly developing areas of science, technology, engineering and math. Teachers selected as Fellows engage in a partnerships with distinguished scientists to learn about important new developments and to gain an understanding of the significance of current research and scientific practice for students.
      • CAPE FEAR RIVER ASSOCIATION:  The Mission of the CFRA is to provide for the highest quality of life possible for the residents of the Cape Fear River Basin, through the proper management of the Cape Fear River, its tributaries, and adjacent land uses.  CFRA will also discuss their new scholarship program for students.
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